The Citadel Citizens Customer Reward Program


At Starlit Citadel, we value your business and wish to see all of you back in the store regularly. To help sweeten the deal, the Citadel Citizens Program provides Reward Points that can be traded in for discounts on your next order.

Why join the program?
  • It's Free with each Customer Account created
  • Earn 10 reward points per CAD dollar spent on all products sold at Starlit Citadel or by interacting on the site
  • Earn an additional 10 reward points per CAD dollar spent on all Pre-ordered products
  • Spend points to receive discounts on your order!
  • Enjoy an unlimited number of points that can be earned

Interested? Here's how the Citizens Reward Program works:

To Earn Reward Points

  • customers must have an account with Starlit Citadel, and be logged in at the time of purchase
  • every dollar of product purchases (after discounts and coupon codes are applied) in an order is eligible for 10 Reward Points. This is calculated per product.
  • Reward Points are awarded when the order is Completed (i.e. invoiced and shipped).
  • if a customer later edits, is refunded, or cancels the order, the Reward Points earned are no longer eligible and may be removed
  • 50 Reward Points are awarded to customers for every approved review. Reviews can be added using the "Add Your Review" or "Be the first to review this Product" link on a product's info page.
  • 5 Reward Points are awarded per approved new product tag
  • 2,000 Reward Points for each referred customer (via your Affiliate URL) when they place their first order. You can find your Affiliate URL in your 'My Account' information tab.

To Spend Reward Points

  • Each 1,000 Reward Points reduce the product cost of an order by $1.00 in the shopping cart
  • Select games (including a selection of our Used Games) are discounted at a higher rate (up to 250 points per $1.00 discount).
  • Dings & Dents and Wednesday Sale items may all be discounted up to 250 points per $1.00 off.
  • Product points spent on a canceled order are not refunded.

Other Details

  • We reserve the right to alter the Terms and Conditions of this program at any time