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L-C-R Blister Pack

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L-C-R Blister Pack

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Product Review (submitted on April 17, 2012):
LCR is an extremely simple game. You have three dice and the dice have either an L, C, R or a dot on the sides. You start the game with three chips and you roll the three dice. An L means you give a chip to the player on your left, an R means you give a chip to the player on your right, C means you put a chip in the center and a dot means that nothing happens. If you end up being the only player with chips left than you are the winner.

It's an extremely simple game that seems rather pointless; however, I've found that what makes the game a whole lot more fun is using money instead of the provided chips. Instead of using the chips have everyone use three loonies or three toonies and the winner claims it all. This really ups the stakes of winning.