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Star Wars Living Card Game Core Set

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Star Wars Living Card Game Core Set

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Product Review (submitted on February 15, 2013):
Star Wars LCG brings enough new things to the table to differentiate itself from the massive number of CCG/LCG/TCG games out there while maintaining a similar enough feel to make players of other games feel welcome. The game has a slight asymmetrical setup with each player having slightly different win conditions which is interesting. Its not as extreme as something like Netrunner so anyone turned off by the complete asymmetrical nature of Netrunner most likely would still enjoy Star Wars. The other major "innovation" that Star Wars brings is in deck construction. Cards are added to decks in groupings called Objective Sets which contain 5 cards in the main deck with 1 objective to be used in the objective deck. This gives deck construction a very interesting feel. It should be very welcoming for inexperienced players while providing a new twist for veterans of card games. I see it allowing for some really interesting synergies and combos to be "built in" to the game by the designers of future expansions.

I can't say enough good things about the LCG format that Fantasy Flight has with their card games. I played Magic and WoW TCG for a number of years and I'm more than happy to get the entire card pool in a single box/expansion. This is why my rating for price is 5 stars. The only reason that I didn't rate value as 5 is because the base set only comes with 1 copy of the objective sets while you most likely would want to use 2 copies in your deck, requiring you to buy 2 copies of the base set to have the full range of deck building options. As for quality, the cards had a slight bend to them after opening and the quality of the card stock seemed marginally worse than what I'm used to seeing.

Overall an excellent buy.