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Dust Warfare: Core Rulebook

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Dust Warfare: Core Rulebook

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Product Review (submitted on March 5, 2013):
I've logged about eight games so far so here's my impressions.

The game itself is great. It plays similar to Warhammer (same designer) but makes enough changes that it isn't just a copy of that game. It introduces a reaction mechanic (if you walk in front of me, I'm going to take a shot) and a really neat opening phase to each turn where each person can move a couple of units early (makes it so even if you're going after your opponent you still have a chance to throw a wrench in their plans).

The book however is pretty blah. It's a good looking book, with a decent fluff section. The rules are laid out pretty well. The problem is there's no really easy way to reference rules quickly. It needs some quick reference sheets for rules and for units. Each model you buy comes with a quick reference card, but it's for Dust Tactics, not Dust Warfare.

If you're looking to try getting into wargaming and want something with guns this is a great way to go though. Pick up the core set (you'll need the units/dice) and this book. Split it with a friend and you have a full army for under $50!