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Product Review (submitted on March 5, 2013):
Let's just get this out of the way, this game is not difficult, deep or complicated. For me this game is something to break out and play with a new group of gamers as an introduction to table top gaming, to play with your family during game nights, or something simple and quick a group uses before, after, or in between games during their game night.

This is a game that you can setup fast and get playing without having to explain a ton of rules, and I like it for its simplicity and speed. The more players playing, the more fun it will get as you each place a tile and move your dragon marker.

The various twists and turns on each tile not only can position you to move into different areas of the game, but also cause others to be redirected as they enter the square, or it contacts theirs forcing them to move. When 2 players (or more) collide, they are eliminated and the same if the piece is forced to move off the edge. As the tiles are added to the board a maze of lines appears and your next move could send you around the board.

When our group plays you can see people come up with their strategies, some avoid the center and skirt the edges, others position the tiles to move their markers towards others to force them to move or play an unfavorable route.

This game is a very light hearted one, and it is regularly brought to the table as an in between or at the beginning or end of the night. After rounds of more challenging games we find that this is a great one to play a round or two to cleanse our gaming palettes, while another game is being setup, refreshments are getting picked, etc. This is one of our options along with Zombie dice, Cthulu dice, etc. quick to play and easy to learn that fills this time.

This game is simple and easy to play, there is no depth in strategy here and you should not be expecting it. But what this game does have is a fun and enjoyable time with a group or with your family. I like the quality of the components and the artwork on the board and box is very nice. For the fun I have and continue to have with this game it was worth the purchase in my opinion and is recommended.