Star Wars: Armada Core Set

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Manufacturer Fantasy Flight Games
Fandom Star Wars
Ages 14 and up
Designer James Kniffen
No. of players 2 or less
Playing time 120 minutes
Year 2015
UPC 696745709058

Star Wars: Armada Core Set

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Star Wars: Armada Core Set Product Description

Theme: In Star Wars: Armada, you command the unmatched power of the Imperial fleet, or gain the opportunity to prove your tactical acumen as an admiral in the Rebel Alliance. Massive Star Destroyers fly to battle against Rebel corvettes and frigates. Banks of turbolasers unleash torrential volleys of fire against squadrons of X-wings and TIEs.

Assemble your fleet, survey your objectives, form your battle plan, plot your course, call your shots, and destroy the enemy. Armada balances the awesome scale of the Star Wars galaxy’s ships and space warfare with ship designs and rules that make for accessible, intuitive play experiences. It’s your job to issue the tactical commands that will decide the course of battle and, perhaps, the fate of the galaxy.

Gameplay: Armada comes with all-new rules that bring to life the power of capital ships, as well as the challenges of piloting something so large and complex. Each capital ship has a command value, which determines how many commands it will have in its stack at any given point in time. During setup, you secretly build your initial command stack, selecting from any of four different commands, each of which provides a different advantage. Once you have locked your selections, you place the commands in your stack in the order of your choice. Then, during each round of game play, you secretly select and assign a new command to your ship, placing it at the bottom of your command stack, before you reveal the command at the top of your stack and gain its benefits. This forces fleet commanders to plan ahead for several turns at a time, instead of relying on the split-second reactions and reflexes of smaller ships. Capital ship movement is modeled using an innovative articulated movement tool that accounts for the inertia of larger vessels, and adds a sense of weight and realism to their combat maneuvers.


  • full rulebook

  • articulated maneuver tool

  • range ruler

  • 6 command dials

  • 9 attack dice

  • 10 unpainted fighter squadrons

  • 3 pre-painted capital ships: Victory-class Star Destroyer, Nebulon-B Frigate, CR90 Corellian Corvette

  • over 130 cards and tokens

Customer Reviews

  1. My dream come true

    /Review by Pete (Posted on 11/27/15)

  2. Excellent Game

    /Review by David (Posted on 5/4/15)


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