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Bestselling Games of 2015

October 20th, 2016 Posted in bestsellers | No Comments »

Ugh. Just realised we’ve never updated the site with the bestsellers for 2015.





N SKU Product Name Percent
1 PHGDOW01 Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game 24%
2 GMW249 Sushi Go! 10%
3 AWGDTE01SN Sheriff of Nottingham 9%
4 GiftCardWeb Electronic Gift Cards 9%
5 ZMG71170 Pandemic: Legacy 9%
6 CGE00031 Codenames 8%
7 FFGSWM01 Star Wars: Armada Core Set 8%
8 ASUSMYST01 Mysterium (English Version) 8%
9 ZMG71100 Pandemic (2013 Edition) 8%
10 CGE00027 Alchemists 7%

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New Board Games: October 18th, 2016

October 18th, 2016 Posted in general, new releases | No Comments »

A Feast for Odin
4 Gods
Go Cuckoo
Micro Robots
Pandemic: The Cure – Experimental Meds
Seafall: A Legacy Game
Shakespeare: Backstage

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Bestsellers since 2010

October 17th, 2016 Posted in business | No Comments »

We decided to look at (dollar value wise) which board games since Jan 1, 2010 were our bestsellers.  Surprisingly, even across almost 6 years that we looked at, some of the bestsellers we’ve ever seen have continued to do well even over 6 years.
Top Ten Games List



Click on the image to get it bigger.

Note that with the way our software works, things like PandemicSettlers of Catan and Descent core set which have been updated don’t necessarily reflect the total sales.  Anyway, here’s the data in table format.

ZMG7021 Pandemic 14%
ASMSEVUS01 7 Wonders 11%
PHGDOW01 Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game 10%
RIO370 Dominion 10%
ASMECL01 Eclipse 10%
DOW7201 Ticket to Ride 10%
DOW7202 Ticket to Ride Europe 9%
MFG3061 Settlers of Catan 4th Edition 9%
ZMG7026 Agricola 9%
FFGVA11 Descent : Journeys in the Dark 9%

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Our Top Ten Gateway Games List

October 14th, 2016 Posted in articles, general | No Comments »

We’ve got the Top Ten Beginner / Gateway Games List that we updated a few years ago.  The list was originally created from our own experiences and what sold well in the store.  However, it’s been a few years since we updated the list so we thought we’d ask, are there games you’d swap out from our current list?


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New Board Games: October 13th, 2016

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Android: Netrunner LCG – Escalation Data Pack
A Game of Thrones LCG: For Family Honor Chapter Pack (2nd Edition)
Banner Saga: Warbands
Clank!: A Deck Building Game
Dicey Goblins
Dominion (2nd Edition)
Dominion: Intrigue (2nd Edition)
Ice Cool
Magic the Gathering: Kaladesh Planeswalker Deck – Nissa
Magic the Gathering: Kaladesh Planeswalker Deck – Chandra
Magic the Gathering: Kaladesh Deckbuilder’s Toolkit
Magic the Gathering: Kaladesh Bundle
Magic the Gathering: Kaladesh Boosters
Midnight Legion – Box Set
Savage Worlds: The Sixth Gun RPG Limited Edition
The Gallerist Kickstarter Stretch Goal Pack #1
The Gallerist Kickstarter Stretch Goal Pack #2
Warhammer 40,000: Conquest LCG – The Warp Unleashed War Pack

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New Board Games: October 7th, 2016

October 7th, 2016 Posted in general, new releases | No Comments »

3 Wishes
AssassinCON – Limited Edition
Codex: Core Set
Darkrock Ventures
Exceed: Red Horizon: Gabrek & Ulrik vs. Alice & Zoey
Epic Roll
Fantahzee: Hordes and Heroes
New Bedford
New Bedford: Rising Tide
Munchkin: Marked for Death
Mythos Tales
Order of The Gilded Compass
Quests of Doom 2 (5E)
Sentinels of the Multiverse: 5th Anniversary Foil Hero Collection
Wizard’s Academy

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What to do with your Used Board Games

October 6th, 2016 Posted in articles | No Comments »

unnamedAs gamers, we  have a tendency to hoard games.  However, after a certain point, it’s easy to realise that you’ve just run out of space or that game that you loved when you purchased it hasn’t been played in over 2 years.  Or perhaps you never really liked the game and it’s just sitting on your shelf.  Thankfully, there’s a lot of ways to deal with your overflow of used games.

Trade Them

Obviously you can trade games with your local friends but one of the most efficient ways to trade games is to use the BGG Math Trade.  A Math Trade is a multi-person trade that uses your preferred wants to set-up the most efficient trade percentage. Rather than doing a direct trade between person A and person B, you might trade give your game to person C to get a game from person B who is getting a game from person D who is receiving a game from person E, etc.  It’s extremely efficient and local math trades allow you to trade without shipping while country / continent specific trades give you a wider range of games and people.

One interesting aspect of Math Trades is that you might even find a gift card or two available for trading. The biggest hurdle is setting up your games for trading and then learning the software / system.  Also, unless you are careful in making your decisions, you might get less than stellar trades (or none at all if you are too picky!) The other major disadvantage is that math trades (especially local one’s) only happen once in a while, so you must be willing to be patient.  It’s also worth noting that if you are taking part in a shipping trade (i.e. country / continent / international trade); shipping costs can be high as you are shipping to multiple locations.

Sell Them

If it’s cash or a cash equivalent that you are looking for, then selling your games would be the way to go.  There are a few major options, especially in Canada:

  • used items sites like Craigslist and Kijiji allow you to reach your local marketplace
  • bigger sites like eBay and Amazon require more set-up and knowledge to use but reach a wider audience (normally country wide).  They take a larger % of your sales though (minimum 15% plus with eBay listing fees)
  • at local conventions (if they have a used game auction table)
  • direct to game stores like us.  You’ll likely receive the lowest price compared to the other methods but you can sell in bulk and ‘ship’ in bulk, reducing your own overhead

Donate Them

Lastly, if none of the above methods work, you could always donate your games.  Obviously stores like the Salvation Army & Value Village will be happy to take your games, but some other options include:

  • Local conventions to increase their game library
  • Your local library might run / be starting to run local board gaming nights and need a more robust library
  • Homeless shelters, the Boys & Girls Club, local daycares and the like often would grateful for a few good games


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Did you know about our old top 10 article links

October 5th, 2016 Posted in articles | No Comments »

top-10-listsOver the years, we’ve written a ton of articles and top 10 lists.  We figured if you hadn’t seen them before, you should take a look:

It’s interesting to watch the changes in the articles, especially as we revise and update them with new games coming out all the time.  Anyway, have fun reading!

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New Board Games: October 3rd, 2016

October 3rd, 2016 Posted in general, new releases | No Comments »

Codenames: Pictures
Cry Havoc
For Sale Travel Edition
Grimslinger: Duels
Lamentations of The Flame Princess RPG: England Upturn’d
Mansions of Madness (2nd Edition): Surpressed Memories
Mansions of Madness (2nd Edition): Recurring Nightmares
Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Warpriest Class Deck
Terraforming Mars
The Lord of the Rings LCG: A Storm on Cobas Haven Adventure Pack
Star Wars X-Wing: Shadow Caster Expansion
Star Wars X-Wing: Protectorate Starfighter Expansion
Star Wars X-Wing: Special Forces TIE Expansion
Star Wars X-Wing: Arc-170 Expansion
Star Wars LCG: A Wretched Hive Force Pack
War of the Ring Second Edition: Warriors of Middle Earth
Zombicide Black Plague: Special Guest Paolo Parente
Zombicide Black Plague: Special Guest Jovem Nerd Limited Edition
Zombicide Black Plague: Special Guest Box – Adrian Smith
Zombicide Black Plague: Deadeye Walkers

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Star Wars Extended Game Universe

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Fantasy Flight Games has created an ever expanding array of licensed Star Wars board games.  Here’s a quick guide to explain the various board games and how they all fit together.

Star Wars: the Card GameStar Wars: The Card Game (2 players original)

The Star Wars: Card Game (SWCG) is initially a 2 player living card game which expands to multi-player games with the Balance of the Force expansion.  In Star Wars: the Card Game each player takes control of either the Empire or the Rebellion, attacking and defending various objectives that they’ve chosen to place in their deck.  As a living card game, each chapter pack introduces new objectives, new events, locations, characters and equipment allowing for a wide amount of replay ability.

Star Wars RebellionStar Wars: Rebellion (2- 4 players)

Star Wars: Rebellion has players take control of the forces on a galactic level.  Players control the forces of the Empire or the Rebellion using cards and leaders to take actions, with the abilities of the leaders affecting the results of each card.  Star Wars: Rebellion is an asymmetric board game that is best played with only 2 players and is best played by dedicated players who can explore the various strategies of the game over a series of games.


sw-armadaStar Wars: Armada (2 players)

Taking a step down from the galactic level, Armada has you controlling fleets of spaceships and squadrons of fighters in a miniature battle on a 6′ x 3′ area.  Players command capital ships and squadrons using command stacks which indicate what actions they can take while the  maneuver tool is made of a hinged ruler, with each segment indicating the turning circle for a capital ship.  The Star Wars: Armada Core Set gives you enough ships to begin playing immediately, but really to develop and experience the game fully, players will need to either purchase individual ships or a second pair of the Core Sets.

sw-x-wingStar Wars: X-Wing (2 players)

While Armada lets you command capital ships, X-Wing puts you in the seat of your ship, dog-fighting other planes in a smaller 3′ x 3′ area. Players choose their ships using a point system which includes both the ships and the pilots while movement and shooting arcs are chosen using pre-made rulers, simplifying the entire fighting system compared to traditional miniature games.  Like Armada, the initial core set gives you a taste of the battles you can have, but you will quickly need to expand your fleet significantly.

Star Wars: Imperial AssaultStar Wars: Imperial Assault (2 – 5 players)

Star Wars: Imperial Assault has one player as the Empire and the other players as the Rebel troops.  Each game of Imperial Assault has the rebel troopers attempting to complete specific objectives to win while the Empire attempts to stop them.  SWIA is a campaign game that runs over a course of missions with both the Imperial player and the Rebel heroes gaining new experience and skills, allowing characters to evolve as the story unfolds.  Using FFG’s Descent system for adventure games, SWIA comes with various map tiles that allow players to create unique adventures each game.


Star Wars: Empire vs RebellionStar Wars: Empire vs Rebellion (2 players)

Star Wars: Empire vs Rebellion is a fast-paced card game for two players which re-implements the Cold War: CIA vs KGB card game. In the game, you and your opponent match wits and resources over key events.  Whether you seek to triumph through military might, or use diplomacy to achieve your ends, the fate of the galaxy rests in your hands.

swd01-03_boxesStar Wars: Destiny

Recently announced, the Star Wars: Destiny is a collectible card and dice game where each hero has it’s own dice whose roll indicates you may be able to spend to enhance your side or deal damage.  You also have a thirty-card deck of cards that you’ll draw throughout the game. 


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