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February Newsletter and Contest winner

February 9th, 2008 Posted in articles, Newsletters, site updates
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Wow, does time fly. January has been a slightly insane month, with both Alison and myself starting new jobs to help pay the rent. As such, as many of you might notice that the site hasn’t been updated as fast as we’d like. However, that should change this month with Alison down in the US on February 5, 2008 to pick up our stock. This newsletter we have a few things to announce including:

  • Review Contest Winner
  • Site Design Changes – Site Design Changes
  • Valentine’s Day Special – a top 10 list and a coupon!

Review Contest Winner

We’d like to thank everybody who took part in the review contest, we was thrilled at the response and the quality of reviews that arrived. Some of you wrote multiple times as well, which was great. The winner of this contest was Anthony Santiago. We will be e-mailing Anthony personally with his coupon code.

Site Design Changes

We have quite a few changes on the site recently including:

  • New ways to present pricing – We hope you found it easier to navigate – and work out the deals that you are getting!
  • Similar Product suggestions are being added to all our games to make navigation easier so look out for them at the bottom of the game pages.
  • Local order pickup – We won’t need to refund your card anymore if you are looking to pickup the games. Just choose ‘Local Pickup’ if you live in BC and you won’t be charged for shipping.

And trust us, we have a few more changes in the pipeline that should really make navigating the site even easier.

Valentine’s Day Special

We created a little Top Ten List for Women to reference if you’re looking for ideas on how to get them into board gaming.

As always, check our blog for more recent updates and don’t forget, we even have a Facebook page now!

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