Top 10 Board Games of 2015

Once again, we are releasing our annual list of Top 10 Games, which encompass our favorite and most popular games released in 2015 or late 2014 (if we hadn't had a chance to try them before last year's list went up). 2015 has been an interesting year with a lot of great games trending towards the lighter, more party elements and social deduction games making a huge impression.

As always, this list is not in any particular order:

Mottainai1. Mottainai

Mottainai's the latest game by Glory to Rome designer Carl Chudyk. Mottainai features many of the same mechanics of his previous games as the same card can be used in multiple roles, forcing players to make hard choices on what card to use, when. Clever planning and combining your worker’s special abilities are what are necessary to win this game. Coming in both a large, 4 player version and a mini 2 player version, Mottainai is a portable deep strategy game that just gets better with more plays.

Codenames 2. Codenames

Ever wanted to be a spy? Codenames is a party game of words where players split into two groups of opposing spies, attempting to figure out who the opposing team members are while avoiding the assassin. Who will uncover the opposing teams spies first?

Mysterium 3. Mysterium Mysterium is a deduction game with a twist . One player is a ghost who must provide clues to the mediums gathered before him. However the ghost cannot speak, only able to give clues via picture cards. In this way, he hopes to lead the players to unlock the centuries old mystery.

Two Rooms and a Boom4. Two Rooms and a Boom

In Two Rooms and a Boom, players split into two teams – the Red and Blue Team. One has the President and the other Bomber, with the Red team wanting to end the game with the President & Bomber in the same room and the Blue Team with the President bomber free. Players must trade hostages each round, allowing them to slowly whittle the team’s down and gain control of the room. With numerous special role cards as well, this is a social deduction game that has a ton of repliyability that expands across a vast number of people.

CVlizations5. CVlizations

CVlizations is a light civilization building game where players purchase cards to build their civilization, attempting to make use of cards that have been used by other players that turn, allowing them to jump on the benefits of their civilization. This is a fast playing card game with a light civilization building theme.

Champions of Midgard 6. Champions of Midgard

Champions of Midgard is a Viking-themed worker placement game that many feel builds upon the worker placement aspects of Lords of Waterdeep while adding a tight Viking theme and dice rolling uncertainty to the game. Instead of automatically fulfilling quests, in Champions of Midgard players must assemble their Viking party members and roll to complete the quest, with different quests offering different rewards. A very well designed, thematically appropriate game, Champions of Midgard is fast becoming an extremely popular addition to many gamers collections.

Spyfall7. Spyfall

This is the year of the spy it seems, with another hit game using spies as a central theme. In Spyfall, all the players receive the same location card but one, the Spy. Players get to ask questions of each other in an attempt to ferret out the Spy. A fast playing deductive game, Spyfall can easily be brought to play with even non-gamers.

Steampunk Rally8. Steampunk Rally

There have been quite a few Steampunk games, but few seem to have caught the theme as appropriately and amusingly as Steampunk Rally. Players take on the role of a famous Scientist who are in a race around the track, putting together their crazy transportation contraption in an attempt to win. Push your vehicle too far though and you’ll blow parts off, making this game a highly amusing game of building & racing at the same time.

Xenoshyft Onslaught 9. Xenoshyft Onslaught

A personal favorite of this year, Xenoshyft Onslaught is a co-operative deck builder that mimics the desperate forces of a space base fighting off the invading alien insects. You’ll need to buy equipment and new, more powerful troops to deal with the ever more powerful waves of aliens. This a tense, nail-bitingly difficult game as the aliens invade down each of your personal battle tracks.

Star Wars: Armada Core Set10. Star Wars: Armada Who hasn’t wanted to be a Space Admiral, commanding space fleets in battle? What better universe could you be an admiral than the Star Wars Universe, with its Space Destroyers and Kestrels. Star Wars: Armada might be expensive but the unique turning mechanism and game mechanics really forces players to consider multiple turns ahead and make use of their capital ships and fighters together.