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Manufacturer Z-Man Games
Fandom No
Ages 10 and up
Designer Dominique Ehrhard
No. of players 2 - 6
Playing time 45 minutes
Year 2018
UPC 841333106485


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Condotterie Product Description

From Z-Man Games

During the Renaissance Era, Italy was divided into numerous independent city-states. While bursting with wealth, the city-states’ growing concern over jealous neighbors invited the rise of the Condottieri, ambitious leaders of powerful mercenary armies. Players hire the Condottieri to engage in battle and establish influence in the many regions of Italy. If a player can claim three adjacent regions or five regions total, they gain control and win the game. However, players must be careful in how they send out their mercenaries, as only the strongest army will win the battle. How much will you risk to win?

Players will need to strategically manage their army, sending out strong mercenaries to win the battle or saving them for the next battle, striking when their opponent is most vulnerable. The mercenary cards form the backbone of your army. From the lowly foot soldier to the menacing cavalry, players must carefully decide which mercenaries will enter the fray.

A battle isn’t just about brute strength though. Special cards will affect the battle in powerful ways, possibly turning the tide in your favor, so you’ll need to use them wisely to surprise your enemy and claim control. We’ll explore the special cards further in a future preview.

Each round has all players vying for the same desirable location in a veritable free-for-all. Player’s take turns in clockwise order, playing one card from their hand to either add to their army’s strength or use a special card to execute a brilliant stratagem. Complete with bold assaults and clever feints, Condottiere gives each general a chance to display their strategic prowess. At the battle’s end, the strongest army wins and takes control of the contested region.

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