The Starlit Citadel Game Library

The current Game Library (mostly)

The Starlit Citadel Game Library Membership is now the Starlit Citadel Membership with extra perks! Along with the access to take out games from our library the new membership will now include:

  • Free access to all non-tournament game events
  • Free access to our library and play space for gaming in store (regularly $5 per visit)
  • 10% discount on rotating products on the 1st Friday of every month (in-store)
  • Invitation to our Citadel Members Facebook Group - have your say in what events you'd like to see, games to learn for Pako Plays on Wednesdays and which games you want us to add to the library!
  • ....and more perks to come!

  • Game Library Details:

  • Full access to the game library
  • Members may take out a maximum of 2 games at any one time
  • Membership is available only to those within the Greater Vancouver Regional District as members must borrow / return games directly at the store.
  • There are no time-limits on loans, though we do ask members to be considerate with regard to newly released games.
  •  Games should be returned in the same condition as they were lent out.  All games should be properly bagged and stored.  Members are requested to inform staff about any significant damage and/or missing pieces.
  • Damaged games will be assessed to members for replacement pieces / boards / etc.
  • All members will have the first-choice option of purchasing games that are ‘rotated’ out of the library due to wear and/or lack of interest.
  • A portion of all membership fees will be dedicated to adding to the game library with input from members on the type and variety of games

The Starlit Citadel Play Space currently includes seating and tables for up to twenty four, including two 6' x 2.5' Adjustable-Height Molded Plastic Top Folding Tables.

Membership costs are as follows:

  • $20/month, set up as a Paypal subscription payment
  • A CAD$60 deposit if you'd like to take games home, refundable on cancellation of membership so long as member is in good standing (i.e. no current outstanding loans and all damaged games paid for)


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