Racing board games either depict actual races such as Formula 1 or involve players racing towards the goal, with movement around a predetermined 'track' on the board. Snakes and Ladders is a good example of the latter.

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  1. Galaxy Trucker

    Galaxy Trucker

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    Theme : In Galaxy Trucker, players are driving across the universe to make a dollar. With unrestricted access to Corporation Incorporated warehouses, players are able to build their ships, fly it across the Galaxy and sell the remaining pieces and the cargo they pick up along the route for a dollar. Learn More
  2. Formula D

    Formula D


    Formula D is the iconic racing game that recreates the excitement of Formula 1 racing in your living room. Push your car to the limit, hug the corners and burn out your brakes to be number one - just be careful, if you push your car too far you'll need to hit the pit stop and lose time and space. Using a series of custom dice for movement in each gear, Formula D has stood the test of time and is still the best racing game available. Learn More
  3. Robo Rally

    Robo Rally

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    Description: While the boss is away, the robots will play. In RoboRally, you area bored AI racing hapless factory robots along a deadly course in order to keep occupied during the plant's closing hours. Plot your twists and turns through this destructive factory, filled with conveyor belts,pushers, turning gears, and laser beams. Each turn you must program your movements from randomly-drawn cards, hoping you are not driven off-course. Be the first to reach all the flags, but be careful one of your fellow robots doesn’t push you down a hole or blast you to bits. Learn More
  4. Galaxy Trucker: Anniversary Edition

    Galaxy Trucker: Anniversary Edition

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    Description: Space… The final frontier. The biggest freeway to roam and make a quick buck! It has been five years since Corporation Incorporated started its new and progressive policy to deliver goods and construction materials to the struggling outer rim colonies. During that time, an army of eccentrics and roughnecks joined the ranks of brave truckers and trekked to the farthest reaches of the galaxy in ramshackle spaceships of their own construction. Learn More
  5. Kemet


    Retail Price: CA$87.99 Our price: CA$75.99 Savings: 14%

    Theme: In Kemet>/b>, players each represent an Egyptian tribe and will use the mystical powers of the gods of ancient Egypt – along with their powerful armies – to score points in glorious battles or through invasion of rich territories. The conquest for the land of Kemet takes place over two phases: Day and Night. During the day, choose an action amongst the nine possible choices provided by your player mat and perform it immediately. Once every player has taken five actions, night falls, with players gathering Prayer Points from their temples, drawing Divine Intervention cards, and determining the turn order before the start of the new day. Learn More
  6. River Dragons

    River Dragons

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    In River Dragons, each player programs actions that will allow them to cross to the village opposite theirs. Players will place stones and planks, and move over and around their opponents in a race to the other side. Dragon cards can cancel out your actions, though, and a mis-timed jump can land you in the water, so be careful! This great family game has simple rules and plays very quickly, but offers lots of strategy for even the most experienced gamers. Learn More
  7. Police Precinct (2nd Edition)

    Police Precinct (2nd Edition)

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    Description: Police Precinct is a cooperative/semi-cooperative game where players are tasked with solving a mysterious murder while simultaneously working to keep crime on the streets under control, and to keep the city from falling into chaos. Players take on the role of police officers with different areas of expertise. The players work together to solve the mystery by collecting evidence and eventually arresting the suspect. Complicating matters is the fact that there may or may not be a corrupt officer that is being paid off by the murderer to suppress evidence, the same evidence everyone else is trying to uncover. Learn More
  8. Steampunk Rally

    Steampunk Rally

    Retail Price: CA$64.99 Our price: CA$55.99 Savings: 14%

    Steampunk Rally is a strategy game that incorporates steampunk as more than just a bit of chrome. Learn More
  9. Galaxy Trucker The Big Expansion

    Galaxy Trucker The Big Expansion

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    Galaxy Trucker: The Big Expansion includes a number of mix-and-match components that can be added to the base set of Galaxy Trucker including pieces for 5 players, additional adventure cards, special adventure decks and new alien species, building components and ship classes. Learn More
  10. Formula D: Expansion 1 - Sebring & Chicago

    Formula D: Expansion 1 - Sebring & Chicago


    The Formula D Expansion 1 provides new tracks and new locations to race in in Chicago and Florida. Learn More
  11. K2: The Board Game

    K2: The Board Game

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    Description: K2 is the second-highest mountain on Earth as well as the second deadliest. It's known as the Savage Mountain, as it kills one person for every four who have reached the summit... And K2 has never been climbed in winter. Learn More
  12. Room 25: Season 1

    Room 25: Season 1


    Trapped in a prison in which each room has four doors but apparently no exit, the players must try to find Room 25, the supposed exit to this nightmare. But some amongst them might be guardians of the prison, waiting for the right moment to strike. In the cooperative game Room 25, not everyone wants to escape from imprisonment – but who is the traitor? Each turn, the player moves are preprogrammed, requiring discussion, negotiation – and possibly betrayal. Learn More
  13. Galaxy Trucker : ANOTHER Big Expansion

    Galaxy Trucker : ANOTHER Big Expansion

    Retail Price: CA$62.99 Our price: CA$48.99 Savings: 22%

    Galaxy Trucker: Another Big Expansion is just as big as the Big one – New tiles. New Support team to be hired to enhance your shipbuilding experience. New ship classes, including huge IVB ships. Learn More
  14. The Voyages of Marco Polo

    The Voyages of Marco Polo


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    In The Voyages of Marco Polo, players recreate the journey of 17 year old Marco Polo to China with his father and older brother, with each player having a different character and special power in the game. The game is played over five rounds. Each round, the players roll their five personal dice and can perform one action each turn with them. Learn More
  15. Formula D: Extra Dice

    Formula D: Extra Dice


    Description : The Formula D Extra Dice Pack includes an extra set of the special dice used in Formula D. Learn More
  16. Formula D: Expansion 3 - Singapore & the Docks

    Formula D: Expansion 3 - Singapore & the Docks

    Retail Price: CA$35.99 Our price: CA$36.99 Savings: -3%

    Description: The Formula D Expansion 3 - Singapore & the Docks. Singapore -- this track is a one-of-a-kind nigh-time street race, with a mix of fast turns and slow chicanes that will test your nerve and push your skills to the limit! The Docks -- this fantasy track has 3 routes around which one may race. Each route has its own dangers (this track was the winner of the ASM's track design contest). Learn More
  17. Formula D: Expansion 2 - Hockenheim & Valencia

    Formula D: Expansion 2 - Hockenheim & Valencia

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    Description: The Formula D Expansion 2 - Hockenheim & Valencia adds two new tracks in Germany and Spain for the popular Formula D board game. Learn More
  18. Lewis & Clark

    Lewis & Clark

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    Lewis & Clark is a board game in which the players manage an expedition intended to cross the North American continent. Their goal is to be the first to reach the Pacific. Learn More
  19. K2: Broad Peak (French Version)

    K2: Broad Peak (French Version)

    Retail Price: CA$47.99 Our price: CA$32.99 Savings: 31%

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    Description: K2: Broad Peak is an expansion for the mountain-climbing game K2 that includes a double-sided game board, tokens and new rules. The game board features the twelfth-highest mountain in the world, formerly known as "K3" and now typically called "Broad Peak" due to the length of its summit. Broad Peak gives you two very different challenges to undertake, which are based on the historical achievements of Polish mountaineers on Broad Peak in 1984. Both challenges have their own game boards and rule changes to make them individual game experiences. Learn More
  20. Formula D: Expansion 4 - Grand Prix of Baltimore & Buddh

    Formula D: Expansion 4 - Grand Prix of Baltimore & Buddh

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    Formula D: Expansion 4 - Grand Prix of Baltimore & Buddh is an expansion board for the Formula D board game with two new tracks on a double-sided game board. Learn More
  21. Flamme Rouge

    Flamme Rouge

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    Flamme Rouge is a fast-paced, tactical bicycle racing game where each player controls a team of two riders: a Rouleur and a Sprinteur. The players’ goal is to be the first to cross the finish line with one of their riders. Players move their riders forward by drawing and playing cards from that riders specific deck, depleting it as they go. Use slipstreams to avoid exhaustion and position your team for a well timed sprint for the win. Learn More
  22. Black Fleet

    Black Fleet

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    In the easy-to-play, tactical card-driven board game Black Fleet, you're in command of three different types of ships: your merchant ship earns you doubloons by conveying goods from one port to another, your pirate ship by attacking and stealing goods from merchants and burying them on islands, and the Navy ships by sinking your opponents' pirate ships. Learn More
  23. Summit: The Board Game

    Summit: The Board Game


    Summit: The Board Game is a survival game which, thanks to its two-sided game board and variable mechanisms, can be played competitively, cooperatively or solo. Learn More
  24. Niagara


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    In Niagara the board game, players are explorers out to get Jewels that the Shawnee and Iroquois Indians pointed them to at the end of the river. Learn More
  25. Castellion


    Retail Price: CA$24.99 Our price: CA$28.99 Savings: -16%

    Castellion is a tile-laying game in which you form parts of the castle for defense against monsters. Each turn you flip over a tile and either use its special ability or place it as part of your castle. The more towers and keeps you form, the better your defense against attacks. Ranks prevent traitorous tiles from affecting you fully. When all three monsters have attacked and you still have a base of six tiles, you win. Learn More
  26. Flamme Rouge: Peloton

    Flamme Rouge: Peloton


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    Flamme Rouge - Peloton is the first expansion for Flamme Rouge. Learn More
  27. Thunder Alley

    Thunder Alley

    Retail Price: CA$89.99 Our price: CA$66.99 Savings: 26%

    Thunder Alley is a stock car racing game for 2-7 players with the feel and flexibility of a card-driven simulation. Drafting, teamwork, accidents, yellow flags, pit strategy, working to lead laps, and sprints to the finish are all included and bring the feel of racing to the game. Learn More
  28. Formula D: Expansion 5 - New Jersey & Sotchi

    Formula D: Expansion 5 - New Jersey & Sotchi

    Retail Price: CA$35.99 Our price: CA$36.99 Savings: -3%

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    In Formula D: Expansion 5 - New Jersey & Sotchi, you get to jump into the driver's seat of your Formula One racer and fly around the streets of the Sochi Olympic Village in Russia. Illustrated by Hermann Tilke, architect and designer for numerous modern Formula One racing circuits, Sochi is just the thing to rev your heart rate to the red line. Learn More
  29. Fearsome Floors

    Fearsome Floors


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    Fearsome Floors is is a game from Friedemann Friese with the players trying to escape from Fürst Fieso. It's a great race game in which the players must move through a dungeon as fast as possible - or at least within 14 turns - before it crumbles over their heads. This could be done in 7 turns if everything was peaceful and quiet, but unfortunately the dungeon is also the home of a very hungry monster! Players must maneuver their disks through the dungeon trying to manipulate the movement of a monster who is always after fresh prey. Players can try to lead the monster to opponents' pieces, but may find themselves eaten instead! Pieces might slide along blood slicks or be crushed between a boulder and a wall. You can even try to get the monster to teleport to another part of the board, where it will fall upon its next victim! Learn More
  30. Formula D: Expansion 6 - Austin & Nevada Ride

    Formula D: Expansion 6 - Austin & Nevada Ride

    Retail Price: CA$38.99 Our price: CA$36.99 Savings: 5%

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    Formula D: Circuits 6 – Austin & Nevada Ride is a double-sided game board that adds two new tracks to Formula D. The Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas was specially designed to accommodate Formula One cars and has been proudly hosting the United States Grand Prix since 2012. Racers, rev your engines on this highly challenging professional circuit! Learn More
  31. Kemet: Ta-Seti

    Kemet: Ta-Seti


    Kemet: Ta-Seti is the first expansion for Kemet and adds several new things to the base game including a new pyramid colour, a new game phase, the path of souls and new DI cards. Learn More
  32. Jamaica: The Crew Expansion

    Jamaica: The Crew Expansion


    You might find it enticing to add several characters to your boat — especially since most of them earn you additional gold at the end of the game — but with fewer holds dedicated to the regular resources, navigation becomes more dicey. All in all, more challenge, more silly fun, more Jamaica. Learn More
  33. Robo Rally (2016 Edition)

    Robo Rally (2016 Edition)


    The robots of the Robo Rally automobile factory spend their weekdays toiling at the assembly line. They put in hard hours building high-speed supercars they never get to see in action. But on Saturday nights, the factory becomes a world of mad machines and dangerous schemes as these robots engage in their own epic race. Learn More
  34. Police Precinct: Crooked Lawyers

    Police Precinct: Crooked Lawyers


    Crooked Lawyers is a Booster-Pack style Expansion for Police Precinct consisting of Larger Cards (All-new Event Cards -- 14 total) along with Smaller Cards (For two of the Investigation Decks -- 12 total). 26 Cards in all. Learn More
  35. Lazer Ryderz

    Lazer Ryderz


    Lazer Ryderz is a trackless racing game for up to 4 players with light push-your-luck, area denial, and strategy elements. Players construct their lazer paths with various pre-formed punchboard pieces that are placed according to speed and desired direction. In Lazer Ryderz, players take on the role of one of four Ryderz as they race to capture all three Prisms needed to charge the Portal to their next destination. The Portal only allows one Ryder to pass through before moving on to a new location in the galaxy, so speed is essential to meet your goal. But the faster a Ryder goes the harder it is to turn, and if a Ryder runs into another player's lazer, that Ryder is toast! Who will continue on their quest and who will be left behind? Will it be the Galactic Waveryder - the adrenaline-fueled surfer who's seeking the next great thrill and most radical solar waves? Or the Lazer Shark - always on the hunt for her next prey as she seeks the fabled Blood Nebula to restart her species? Perhaps the Super Sheriff - greatest of the Law Star Rangers who travels to the outer reaches of the known (and unknown) galaxy to bring the universe's criminals to speedy justice? Or will it be the Phantom Cosmonaut - the ghost from a long-distant era whose true quest is a mystery to those he encounters, but with speed that is without question as he moves in the blink of an eye? Learn More
  36. /

    Summit: The Board Game - Yeti Expansion


    Summit: The Board Game is a survival game which, thanks to its two-sided game board and variable mechanisms, can be played competitively, cooperatively or solo. Learn More
  37. Pitchcar Ext 4 front.JPG

    PitchCar - Extension 4 (Stunt Race)


    Out of stock

    Description: Stunt Race expansion pack for PitchCar. It contains components to elevate your tracks and fly over the rest of the circuit. Contents:
    • 2 ramps
    • 4 half-straights
    • 4 connection pieces
    • 8 large support blocks
    • 2 small support blocks
    Learn More
  38. Manila cover


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    It is a hard life here in Manila. As a trader, you must invest in the uncertain future of various goods each turn, trying to predict the future of which goods will arrive each turn and at what profit. You must bribe the Harbormaster each turn, with the winner deciding which of the three of four goods will make their way down the river. As the boats go down river, players must decide to either gamble on the ships arriving or work to ensure that they do not. As ships arrive or are lost at sea, players receive the peso's from their investments and must start again, with the price of goods going up for each successful docking. At the end of the game, the player with the most pesos wins. Manila is an exciting game which is heavily influenced by chance, very much like trade in the 18th century! Learn More
  39. Room 25: Escape Room

    Room 25: Escape Room

    Retail Price: CA$29.99 Our price: CA$28.99 Savings: 3%

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    Room 25: Escape Room, the second expansion for Room 25, adds a new VIP character that players must protect. What's more, in addition to new room tiles, this expansion features a new "Escape Room" mode, that functions as escape rooms do in the real world, as players must solve puzzles in order to find the exit within a limited time. You can also play in teams to solve the increasingly difficult puzzles! Learn More
  40. Deadline



    Out of stock

    New York City, the city that never sleeps. Things were supposed to be different in our modern 1930’s. Shining skyscrapers and subway cars to lead us into a grand future. Sure. So why was I in the same dingy office with a cheap desk and a cheaper secretary, paid to track cheating spouses? I had no more time for introspection. I grabbed my hat and gun. I slipped a flask into the pocket of my overcoat. I was ready to wade into the cesspool. Learn More
  41. Room 25: Season 2

    Room 25: Season 2


    The famous TV show "Room 25" is back for a new season with two characters joining the cast: the adventurer and the psychopath. In Room 25: Season 2, an extension for Room 25, all characters have their own special ability. Also, thanks to an adrenaline surge, the participants can perform one additional action in a turn of their choice. Of course they've made the complex different — and more difficult — by adding new rooms...will you be up to the challenge? Learn More
  42. Porta Nigra

    Porta Nigra

    Retail Price: CA$89.99 Our price: CA$79.99 Savings: 11%

    The game Porta Nigra (which translates as "black gate") is set in that place and time with the players taking on the roles of Roman architects working on the city gate of Porta Nigra. Each player commands a master builder, who moves around a circular track on the game board, enabling you to buy or build only where this master builder is located. Moving the master builder to farther locations along the track is expensive, so players must plan their movements and builds carefully. The number and type of actions that may be performed on your turn comes from cards in your personal draw deck. Learn More
  43. Junk Orbit

    Junk Orbit


    Space. The final junkyard. Good thing one planet’s trash is another planet’s treasure! You're captain of your own scavenging spaceship, picking up space junk and transporting it to any city that will take it. Launch your junk... uh... *cargo* out of your airlock to propel your ship! Race to deliver your cargo as you navigate the orbits of nearby planets and moons! It’s astrodynamics for fun and profit! Learn More
  44. Powerboats


    Retail Price: CA$62.99 Our price: CA$43.99 Savings: 30%

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    Theme: Powerboats is a racing game where 2-6 speedboats in Powerboats race to be the winner. Players will race as fast as they can between the islands and around the buoys on the large modular gameboard, attempting not to crash! Learn More
  45. Thunder Alley: Expansion Tracks

    Thunder Alley: Expansion Tracks

    Retail Price: CA$47.99 Our price: CA$42.99 Savings: 10%

    Out of stock

    Five new tracks for Thunder Alley Learn More
  46. Cartagena 2 front.jpg

    Cartagena II


    Out of stock

    Cartagena II follows Cartagena with pirates working to figure out what to do now that they have escaped the prison. Learn More
  47. Street Kings

    Street Kings

    Retail Price: CA$67.99 Our price: CA$50.99 Savings: 25%

    Out of stock

    Welcome to the world of underground racing. Your goal? To become the Street King. You’ll start at the bottom using your "D" class cars. With the help of your crew, cars, upgrades, and skills, you’ll win races to gain credits and fame. Learn More
  48. Paramedics: CLEAR!

    Paramedics: CLEAR!


    Out of stock

    This is a pulse-pounding, high-tension, timed game of saving lives – and you probably won’t be able to save them all. The FREE companion app timer limits player turns to 60 seconds and later dwindles to just 45 or 30 seconds as players race to triage new patients, purchase medical supplies, treat their medical needs and transport them to the hospital for victory points. Critical patients add to the drama, as they must be treated and sent to the hospital immediately or they head to the morgue instead… counting against your score. Paramedics: CLEAR! is an intense, competitive game for 1-4 players and will appeal to gamers who enjoy timed games like ‘Fuse’ and, while not strictly the backstabby-style game Smirk & Dagger is known for, experienced players will find more time to turn up the heat on their opponents. Learn More
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    Lazer Ryderz - Dinged (Grade B)


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    Please note that this product is damaged. Damage Grade B: Minor Structural Damage (20% off).” Lazer Ryderz is a trackless racing game for up to 4 players with light push-your-luck, area denial, and strategy elements. Players construct their lazer paths with various pre-formed punchboard pieces that are placed according to speed and desired direction. In Lazer Ryderz, players take on the role of one of four Ryderz as they race to capture all three Prisms needed to charge the Portal to their next destination. The Portal only allows one Ryder to pass through before moving on to a new location in the galaxy, so speed is essential to meet your goal. But the faster a Ryder goes the harder it is to turn, and if a Ryder runs into another player's lazer, that Ryder is toast! Who will continue on their quest and who will be left behind. Learn More
    Free using 9250 Citadel Points!
  50. Thunder Alley: Crew Chief Expansion

    Thunder Alley: Crew Chief Expansion


    Out of stock

    The Thunder Alley: Crew Chief Expansion consists of eight 12-card decks of Crew Chief Cards (one for each player), 4 Lap Cards to extend the length of any race, 24 Track Cards with special rules and special scoring to make each race a new experience and a rule book with numerous modules to allow for variations in your play. Learn More
  51. Triumph and Tragedy (2nd Edition)

    Triumph and Tragedy (2nd Edition)

    Retail Price: CA$114.99 Our price: CA$105.99 Savings: 8%

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    Triumph and Tragedy is a geopolitical strategy game for 3 players (also playable by 2) covering the competition for European supremacy during the period 1935-45 between Capitalism (the West), Communism (the Soviet Union) and Fascism (the Axis). It has diplomatic, economic, technological and military components, and can be won by gaining economic hegemony ortechnological supremacy (A-bomb), or by vanquishing a rival militarily. Learn More
  52. Dead Man's Doubloons

    Dead Man's Doubloons


    Prepare for an action-packed game of adventure and piracy with Dead Man’s Doubloons! As a pirate captain you will lead the search for buried treasure on a deserted island, while your crew engages in an epic sea battle with other ships! Beware the cursed treasures, use cunning and deception to prevail, but fear not, for if ye ship be sunk, you will become, the Ghost Pirate Ship! Learn More
  53. Rush & Bash: Winter is Now

    Rush & Bash: Winter is Now


    Winter has come for the intrepid pilots of the Rush & Bash championship! Winter Is Now, the first expansion for Rush & Bash, includes two new pilots with rules for 7 and 8 players, new arctic tiles with rules for racing on snow and ice, new fuel additives and card effects, and several extra rules including advanced bot control and the dreaded Captain Baruffus himself with his golden car. Learn More
  54. Race to the New Found Land

    Race to the New Found Land


    Daring sailors explore the oceans and make a gigantic discovery: Newfoundland. The newly found land. A huge island off the coast of North America — and right away a competition among nations breaks out. As so often happens, everyone wants the biggest piece of land. In Race to the New Found Land, you must skillfully use your fleet to consistently present achievements to your royal house. Are you quick to set sail and populate the first known lands? Do you first explore new areas? Or do you trade and build your fleet first? Find out in this exciting race to Newfoundland! Learn More
  55. Race! Formula 90

    Race! Formula 90


    Out of stock

    Race! Formula 90 is a car-racing game simulating all the typical elements of a motor sport event: car strategies, weather changes, pit stops, tire management, overtaking, doubling, and of course damages and crashes. Learn More
  56. 8 Master's Revenge

    8 Master's Revenge

    Retail Price: CA$60.99 Our price: CA$45.99 Savings: 25%

    Out of stock

    In the fighting game 8 Masters' Revenge, you are a martial arts master and you want to beat your opponents, strike after strike. Your only weapons are your two hands, represented by the two cards you have in play. Find the weak point in your opponent's guard to deal damage to him. As soon as his "health" marker reaches the last space of his life track, he is out of the game. The last surviving player wins the fight! Learn More
  57. Chariots of Rome

    Chariots of Rome


    Rome, 10 BC: Caesar Augustus has erected a mighty obelisk in the center of the Circus Maximus in tribute to his conquest of Egypt. Banners of the Red, White, Green, and Blue factions wave in the stands as the fans cheer on their favorite drivers and teams. Soon, the thunder of numerous quadriga, four-horse-drawn chariots, will roar as they race at breakneck speeds. Only the whims of the gods and the skill of the drivers will determine the victor. Chariots of Rome is a competitive, chariot-racing board game for cunning drivers set in ancient Rome's grand stadium, the Circus Maximus. Each player controls a unique charioteer competing on the giant track. But there is more to winning the laurel wreath of victory than just handling dangerous corners! Charioteers can whip and ram their opponents to hinder them during the race (to the crowd’s delight). The gods are watching along with the tens of thousands in the crowd, and they may be inclined to influence the race in their favor! Learn More
  58. Gang Rush Breakout

    Gang Rush Breakout

    Retail Price: CA$101.99 Our price: CA$75.99 Savings: 25%

    In Gang Rush, players become mafia underlings, trying to get across the border with the most loot. Hazards, like crates, cops, and barriers, will slow them down, but their souped up cars can handle almost anything. They don’t necessarily need to win the race; they just can’t finish last! Learn More
  59. Sensei



    Senseï is a new edition of Diaballik, and you can use either the original rules for that game or the new rules that allow players to move pieces as many squares as they want, which changes gameplay greatly. The rules of Senseï are simple, yet the depth of the game is infinite. On your turn, you can move two stones and send your character across the game board. Your goal is to block your opponent and at the same time to find a path to victory. There are two ways of playing: the Arashi variant is played without limits of movements and the Shizukana is played with a more Zen-like challenge. Learn More
  60. Championship Formula Racing

    Championship Formula Racing

    Retail Price: CA$81.99 Our price: CA$62.99 Savings: 23%

    Out of stock

    Championship Formula Racing is a redesign and reimagining of that game. While skill remains paramount in car design (where players build a car's attributes for the race--start speed, acceleration, deceleration, top speed, and tires) and in running the race, the game has changed to include rules for: Learn More
  61. Luxor



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    On the hunt for priceless treasures, groups of adventurers explore the legendary temple at Luxor. Their ultimate goal is the tomb of the pharaoh, but many treasures can be collected as they search. As they explore, the challenge unfolds: The player who manages to quickly get their team of adventurers to the tomb, while salvaging as many treasures as possible, will be the winner. Learn More

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